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One platform that does
all the work for you!

Use the APIs to configure an account and we will automatically download all relevant information available on the agent's website, extract the data an send it right back to your webhook.

Documents data

Access invoices, statements and other type of documents using the Documents Data API.

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Financial data

Access transactions, bank accounts and credit cards using the Financial Data API.

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Documents data

Fully extracted metadata
  • Dates, amounts, invoices [...];
  • Beautifully converted Html or PDF;

Financial data

Real Time information
  • Accounts & Credit Card Balances;
  • Structured financial transactions;

Documents data

Retrieve new data automatically
  • As soon as made available by the provider;

Financial data

Complete account details
  • Type, number, identification, name, date [...];

An iterative process.

Easly integrated in any application or with prepared client side integrations.

The API supports CORS - Cross Origin Resource Sharing, allowing a client-side web application to interacte securely with our API.

Automatically scrap the provider’s website

Extract the raw data and transform it into our api objects

Send the final result to your application